Making Paper

How to make paper.

You need

*shredded paper *2 frames *border *fly screen *blender *water

What to do:

1.) Place the water and shredded paper in the blender.

2.) Turn on the blender WITH THE LID ON.

3.) Dip the flyscreen between the 2 frames into the blended paper.

4.) Take the frame out of the mixture.

5.) Carefully remove the frame

6.) Carefully put cloth onto paper and roll gently.

7.) Turn over and remove flyscreen.

8.) Squash the paper hard

9.) Wait about 50 minutes.

10.) Take out and leave in the sun to dry.

11.) When dry remove the cloth.

By Jordan

How to make paper.

What you need:

*shredded paper *blender *frame *plants to decorate


1. Shred some paper and put it in a blender with water.

2. Get the frame and put it into the paper pulp.

3. Take the frame out and put it on a table.

4. Take the top off

5. Take the mesh off.

6. Take the bottom frame off and put a cloth over.

7. Roll gently

8. Place in press

9. Remove and hang to dry.

By Lauren

Dreaming Story

We watched the story of the Wa:Tja bird. In the dreaming story I learnt you never cheat otherwise you will get punished in some way.
By Tom

On camp we heard a dreaming story about the Wa:jta bird. The story had a message in it. The birds were fighting and they had a competition to see who could fly the highest. The Wa:jte bird cheated and got punished. His punishment was to never fly high again.
By Elijah

I learnt about a Aboriginal dreaming story. There was a Wa:jte bird that said to have a competition to see who can fly the highest. The Wa:jte bird cheated. The other birds were going to punish him and he was shy. He hid in the wa:jte bush and didn’t fly high again.
By Oscar

On camp we watched adreaming story about the wa:jte bird. Once all the birds were fighting.
By Ayla

Face Painting with Ochre.

On camp I had my face painted with ochre. It was ticklelish. All you need is a big stick, a little stick and crushed ochre. Don’t make the painting look like a panda. Add a little water to the ochre to make it perfect then you can paint.
By Hannah

I got my face painted with ochre. We painted our faces with ground ochre. You mix it with water to paint your face with sticks.To do the dots you use a fat stick and to do lines you use a thin stick.
By Bella

How to do an Aboriginal Face Painting.
You need:
*ochre *grinding stone *water *sticks
1. Get the grinding stone and crush the ochre
2. Put crushed ochre in a lid.
3. Add a bit of water in the lid and mix it.
4. Dip the sticks in the ochre.
5. Use thick sticks for dots.
6. Use thin sticks for lines.
7. Be happy making your Aboriginal face paintings.
By Charlie

How to make the paint.
I worked with Olivia. You need to get some ochre rock and crush it. Put the crushed rock in a lid and add water.
By Emma

The Sensory Walk by Caitlin

I liked making special tea. I collected some leaves in a cup and then we had a blind fold put on and we had to smell the cups. I could find mine.

Natures Recyclers by Flynn

Rose showed us the big worm farm at Arbury Park. I looked at a worm under a microscope. Worms eat food scraps and make worm castings.